Theme & Year Ahead Guidance for 2021 by Moira Hutchison

Theme & Year Ahead Guidance for 2021

Hello there Beloved, Beautiful, YOU!!

It’s that time of the year again when many of us go into a wee bit of a panic thinking, “Where on earth did the year go? And what is up ahead in the new year?

This is where working with the Tarot can help. With a Theme & Year Ahead Reading, you will receive guidance and insight into what to expect for the year ahead, and where you need to focus your attention to get the most out of the fresh new year.

The Theme & Year Ahead Reading will provide you with month-by-month insights (using the wisdom of the Tarot and Numerology) into the themes and opportunities of the upcoming year. In your 13-card reading layout, each card represents one month of the year to come, while the card in the center points to your overall theme for the whole year.

Insights and Guidance with Essential Oils

Aromatic essences have been used for centuries to create a more meaningful connection with something bigger than ourselves, and, indeed, may place us in a state more receptive to inspiration.

My dear friend and trusted colleague Andrea Warren, is a  Certified Aromatherapist, who will create a personalized essential oil blend for you, in order to help you embody and truly get the most of your Tarot guidance and insights. This truly unique gift for 2021 is an emotional empowerment tool, helping you deepen, modulate, and shift when needed!!
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Here is what you will receive with this special offering:

==> Your 2021 Theme & Tarot Reading
Your personalized report with detailed information on your 2021 Theme and insights for each month. PLUS, an audio recording giving you guidance and insights that go with your personal cards, providing you with the opportunity to listen over again as you move through 2021!!

==> Your 2021 Personal Empowerment Blend...
A composition of 100% Certified Pure Essential oils blended to perfection to support YOUR personal theme for 2021, in a convenient 5ml roll-on, along with detailed usage instructions.
Once you have submitted your payment, you will be taken to a page to provide us with the following information:
  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth (City and Country)
  • Question if you have one (and if you don’t that is perfectly fine and often our client’s preference)
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2021 = Numerology year 5

The year 2021 energy is about personal freedom and changes. Unexpected things tend to happen. Changes tend to be more acceptable and tolerated.

Because the year’s energy is what it is, you are more likely be focused on freedom, especially the expression of your individual sense of freedom.

The numerology energy for the universal 5 year resonates with a personal sense freedom. People are likely to be more adaptable and take a chance on trying, learning about, or adopting new interests and ideas.

The 2021 Theme & Year Ahead Tarot Reading and Personal Essential Oil Blend is intended to support you in this auspicious year of personal freedom and change!!


Having a reading from Moira & Andrea always feels like a visit with two wise, caring friends that just know how to make you feel right at home and reassured about life in general by sharing their insights, thoughts, and a bit of humor.
Meshea Crysup
Setting intentions and blending it with an essence of oils that compliments the mind, body, & spirit completely. What a terrific way to incorporate these tools into our everyday life.
Marilyn Leposki