The Magic Within by Moira Hutchison

The Magic Within

Access & Trust Your Gift of Intuition

What if you never doubted or felt compelled to second guess your intuitive insights or answers again?

With "The Magic Within" there is no need for second guessing or doubting your intuition. You will learn what your unique intuitive gifts are and how to trust the guidance this offers you.
With SO much up in the air with our economy, I know many people are feeling anxious about their personal relationships, and their careers. Perhaps their businesses are struggling, whether this is because their business is not strong and anchored yet... or because their own clients and customers have vastly changed their buying behaviors... or they are simply stressed at the fast-paced, chaotic and discombobulating energy of 2020.

Essentially, we could all use a quick intuitive-mindset boost right now, and we could all benefit from a solution that can also help us remain calm, balanced, and centered during this chaotic energy.

Crazy times make or break people & enterprise. This ONLY happens to those who are operating at the surface level and are not fully dialed into their inner guidance!!

Now is the perfect time to gain a powerful advantage over those who need things to be linear and logical!

Harsh times are THE best times for intuitively guided and heart-centred people to easily bypass those stuck in fear & uncertainty and gain a great advantage in anchoring in a brilliant new life and business!!

Tell me if this sounds like you:

You are aware that you are intuitive but it feels hit or miss... You  do not trust your intuition when it comes to  making  BIG decisions.

What if there was a way to recognize your intuitive guidance and depend upon it?

That is exactly why I created "The Magic Within" - I want you to not only recognize your unique gifts of intuition but learn to cultivate ongoing access to your inner wisdom.

You CAN achieve clarity and trust in your innate ways of receiving inner guidance in ways that you can recognize, trust and depend upon!!
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What this program is...

This is a digital (on-line) program which will encourage and show you how to recognize your intuitive insights and guidance by showing you how to:

  • Access your unique gift of wisdom and learn to trust it.
  • Receive messages of guidance and encouragement.
  • Recognize the difference between mind chatter and inner guidance.
  • Clear mindset blocks and limiting beliefs.
  • Create your sacred self-care routine so you can flourish in your best rhythmic right way.

Currently - perhaps you are...

Struggling with recognizing, accessing and interpreting the messages you receive from your feelings and thoughts. 

Perhaps you have tried using an oracle card deck and don't trust yourself to interpret the cards... maybe you have not even opened these cards yet. 

Maybe you think that recognizing your gifts of insight would just take waaaay to much time and it would be better if someone could just tell you the answers!!


Being in touch with your intuition... it will help you identify and solve the challenges in your life that are causing stress. It also releases your imagination and creativity. 

Your intuition is a great resource, but it is important to nurture it. 

Intuition is a tether to the subconscious. It is your ultimate source of wisdom and creative energy. Make life easier and richer by utilizing all of your resources.

Imagine that any time you feel conflicted or confused about a choice, you acknowledge the messages that your intuition and inner light are sending. 

By following those messages, the odds of making the best aligned choices or decisions skyrocket.
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Hello there, I am Moira

Intuition Cultivator, Mindset Mentor & Tarot Consultant

I have a corporate background, working as a financial supervisor and office manager in a variety of industries for over 15 years. I burnt out and became very ill in 2000, this experience inspired me to train into the  holistic well-being and intuitive guidance arts to bring into being what is my life's work.

I have over 30-years of experience using the Tarot and I use it as a psychological tool. I'm passionate about helping people recognize their own unique way of receiving intuition, insights and guidance.

I am also a Certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Meditation Teacher and Energy Healer.  I continue to study and obtain more certifications and wisdom in order to best serve the people who are drawn to learn from and be mentored by me.

Here is what is included in this program...

Assess Your IQ (Intuitive Quotient)... Take this assessment to determine how intuitive you are at the beginning of this 7-day process and then check back in with your number after working through all of the components of this training.

What is Your M.A.G.I.C.? (video training
Learn what the M.A.G.I.C. formula is. Implementing this strategy and wisdom will support and inspire you to embody and walk confidently with your intuitive mastery. 

Claim Your Sovereignty (e Book)
When we use and depend upon our intuition for guidance and navigating our lives, it elevates our self-worth. This e Book provides you with 10 insightful steps to up-level your sense of sovereignty, worthiness and balance.

S.A.V.V.Y. Success Formula  This formula is designed to inspire and support you to set up your sacred self-care protocols and commit to acknowledging your inner and outer needs as a divinely connected and creative being. 

Cultivating Trust in Your Gifts (guided meditation audios) providing a collection of three guided meditations to help you deepen and stay connected to YOUR magic within. 

        Total Value $697
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This product is for you if you are:

  • A heart-centred entrepreneur who is aware of what intuition is and wishes they could trust it better.

  • A professional who feels stressed and pulled in many different ways at once - not sure which is the best choice, path or option to go with.

  • Someone who has focused on up-leveling their business and has gone as far as they know how to but feels like there is something else possible and they are not able to tap into that.

  • A high-level executive who is dedicated to making the best and inspirational decisions for their teams.
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"I am so grateful to you for today's reading and conversation. Not only were your reading and insights spot on, they were delivered with such kindness and compassion.

The validation of where I have been and where I am heading on my life's journey was very empowering. Not only has given me the courage and confidence to follow through with my plan, it has also inspired me to reconnect with my true self and with Source."
Sylvie Giroux
"Taking Moira's course was partly what I expected it to be but also SO MUCH MORE!  I was able to dig in and find a great sense of calm in me. I am finally getting to know my deeper inner and higher self. 

The beautiful tools combined with Moira's gentle way of teaching gave me the greatest gift of a connection to me. I am so happy with this new way of relating to and listening to the world on a new level
Tamara Riddell
"It has been both an honour and a privilege to journey through your online course... I needed direction, hope and courage in my life. I found this and more learning with you! I use the tools you provided daily.

Daily use of my oracle cards is blossoming and so much more intimate now. You are an incredible wealth of knowledge and a very gifted and respectful mentor! Thank you
Cathy Trebinskie
"Moira delivers very insightful messages from tarot readings. She has a unique understanding of many disciplines and shares a lot of knowledge."
Marian Nardozzi
"Moira always goes above and beyond, whether in a class, a session, a meeting....and her readings are always relevant and spot-on! She makes everyone feel welcome, at ease, and included."
Meshea Crysup